What's the story behind the Rough Draft?


No problems, just challenges.

That's how I choose to look at life, because no matter the heights you reach, the obstacles aren't going anywhere. The things you set out to do don't always work out exactly the way you want and the vision you have for yourself constantly changes.

Life is a rough draft.

As a young man, I'm constantly striving toward happiness, and my definition and goal of happiness is never stagnant. I don't let society, the 9-to-5 grind or my own hang-ups keep me from getting what I want out of life, and continuously learning how to get it. Neither should you.

I'm married to the woman of my dreams and earn my living as a writer. I have aspirations of writing for TV and performing standup comedy.

What I'm giving you with this blog is a glimpse into my world, in addition to some thoughts for you to chew on and advice where it fits. I'm going to talk a lot about relationships, love, sex, health, writing, comedy and the never ending quest toward fulfillment as a man and a person. These are my passions.

I'll speak directly when I feel something I've had to learn can help you in your relationship or life. I'll let my stories speak for themselves when giving you a view of my rough draft of a life, so you can learn, laugh and hopefully be inspired.

Everything you'll read is authentic and from the heart. I'm starting the conversation, but want you all to participate and share your thoughts. Watch my rough draft unfold as I share it with you, from one beautiful struggle and journey to another.